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Training Services - Networthy Investments

NWI courses are tailored based on the customer training requirements and designed to address areas where our clients face challenges.  The objective of NWI training include: confidence building in long experience managers and staff, introducing business objectives to non-commercial staff especially engineers, process ownership and efficiency improvement. Effective design of our syllabus is subsequent to a GAP analysis carried out by our experts in conjunction with our clients.

Additionally, NWI offers industrial standard courses below, again modifiable based on the levels of competencies within an organisation:

  • Business Analysis Techniques for Technical Managers (BAT)
  • OPEX Analyis Techniques for Non Finance People (OAT)
  • Financial Training for Non Finance People
  • Technical and Business Strategic Analysis
  • Advanced Network  Systems Administration 
  • ICT Audit and Forensic  Analysis
  • Systems and Application Development
  • Computer Training (ICDL) 
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Entrepreneurship development & Business Planning methods
  • Customer Care

Our trainers are industry experts with hands on experience in the various sectors.  We create mechanisms to assure management that the training provided yields results in the day to day running of the organisation.

NWI combines the primary services (content, studio management, production, programs airing and quality of service) and secondary services (signal distribution, content storage, upstream capacity management, infrastructure, finance, and human resources) in broadcasting to train our partners on the value chain of their business within a specific cluster.