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Telecommunications Consultancy Services

NWI offers telecommunications consultancy services in policy formulation, planning, design and implementation.

  • Backbone Infrastructure roll-out in partnership with undersea cable companies in East Africa (SEACOM, EASSy, TEAMs). Networthy Investments through its directors and associates pioneered the first undersea cable interconnectivity to a fiber terrestrial network in Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Terrestrial fiber roll-out planning, implementation & project management within Eastern Africa (Uganda telecom; Rwandatel fiber network deployment. Networthy Investment services have been leveraged in the planning, roll-out and management of Uganda and Rwanda’s largest fixed networks. Specifically, Networthy Investments engineers have been involved in:
    • Conducting feasibility studies for network deployment
    • Outside plant survey and design (Core, Metro & Access-including FTTH design).
    • Application & acquisition of Right of Way.
    • Civil works (Mechanized Trenching in all kinds of soils including Rock Trenching & Directional drilling).
    • Placements of ducts - HDPE, PVC, Steel pipes etc.
    • Hauling optical fibre including blowing techniques.
    • Fusion splicing & testing of fibre.
    • Fibre characterization according to ITU-G 650.3 standards.
  • Network and Infrastructure management. Networthy Investments through a public private partnership arrangement, has helped operators within the East African region to develop sustainable infrastructure management models.
  • CAPEX/OPEX modeling on backbone infrastructure within the East African region (Rwanda and Uganda). Networthy Investments Ltd conducts financial analysis models on the current fiber infrastructure deployments within the region. These models have been widely used to inform the respective stakeholders on the long term winning strategy
  • Infrastructure planning, design, and implementation.
  • Network and Systems management and monitoring solutions
  • Vendor and Contractor evaluation and assessment for better performance
  • Develop disaster prevention and recovery plans and solutions
  • Wireless Security
  • Transmission (Satellite/Sub-marine cables) capacity management