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Networthy Investments Products

NWI has the expertise to design and implement advanced solutions in the areas of ICT, broadcasting, telecoms and energy. In fact we have been providing effective and dependable advanced solutions for clients accross Africa and beyond. Some of the solutions we have developed and deployed include but not limited to the following;

  • Online Solutions

    We have been developing and deploying online (and cloud) solutions in a wide range of industries including banking, manufacturing, trading, entertainment, telecomunications, broadcasting, governments, NGOs, insurance and many others. We also develop, and interface our systems with, mobile applications to reach out to all users and clients of a business.

    Our solutions have helped businesses realise their potential without limitation.

  • Analog to Digital Migration (ADM) Solutions

Migration from analogue to digital in the broadcasting industry is bringing opportunities to manage sustainability because of various value added services that come with it. It is therefore imperative that national broadcasters look at enhancing revenue inflows from content providers, advertising, social media and politics, just to mention a few.

NWI assists both national and private broadcasters in developing plans and implementing value added soltuions that will help in achieving sustainability.

We also develop and deploy solutions in digital studios, signal distribution and content provisioning.

  • IXP/ISP Solutions

    We help countries assess their current situation and propose the governance structure, the operating model, the technology and sustainability of Internet Exchange points (IXP).

    We also help the policy framework for the integration of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IXPs.
  • Infrastucture Solutions

We provide consultancy services for conducting feasibility studies for the deployment of national ICT backbones as well as strategic approach and implementation.

In additon we design and implement infrastructures in the fields of ICT, Telecoms, Broadcasting and more.

  • Broadband Solutions

NWI provides consultancy and advisory services to governments in developing frameworks for the formulation of a National Broadband strategy. In this regard, we do
• Baseline study on access and usage of broadband services
• Review of existing policies & regulations
• Capacity building

We have been in the industry long enough to develop our own world standard products. Together with its competitive partners NWI has a wide range of products, and below is a list of some of the products;

  • Online Banking

The provisioning of banking services through online and mobile means is increasingly becoming a necessity for every banking institution, the same way computers have rapidly become necessities and backbone for every institution that values competetiveness and profit making.

NWI comes in to provide consultancy services in the development and implementation of online and mobile banking. We already have a product that is customisable for all banking institutions.

  • iFuel System

With the current fuel market having fleet management solutions based on magnetic card or printed vouchers that are easy to manipulate and open to fraud, NWI introduces the iFuel product that is manageable through a web interface.

This product help reduce costs significantly for large fleet owners and help increase loyalty and clintele base for the fuel suppliers..

  • ePayment System

NWI understands the need for making hassle-free payments for bills and ensuring smooth service delivery (without interruptions and disconnections).

Our e-Payment solution brings together banks, services providers (water, power, paid TV, Internet, Insurance, etc) and consumers for the purpose of seamlessly transacting among themselves.

  • ERP Systems

We provide and implement ERP Solutions that include wdie range of products such as Accounting/Finance/GL systems, HR systems, Credit Risk Management systems, Fixed assets, and more.

  • Civil Registry System

In the e-Govrenment area, we delelop and implement registry systems for birth and death registrations, marriage and divorce registrations, company and busines registrations and liquidations, passports, voter registrations and more.

With these registration systems we also provide solutions for vital documents printing, online document management systems, online form processing and uploads, system interfacing (with other government institutions, the public and statistical offices).

We also develop custom made solutions and products.