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Information and Communications Technology Consultancy Services

World over, ICT has revolutionized the way production, market access and distribution of goods and services are organized. This has led to new business models emerging on the horizon leading to fundamental changes in the way enterprises relate to consumers. The Internet and the use of web-based technologies have led to new communication modalities that have forced traditional media – TV, radio and newspapers – to devise new strategies and alternative scenarios in the struggle to remain relevant. In governemnets, NGOs and sectors like trade, education, health, banking and agriculture, technology developments have made it possible for people to acquire and exchange information in an increasing variety of formats and collaborate with one another across national boundaries.

As NWI, we have a wide range of ICT services and products on offer. With our experience and expertise in the ICT sector we design and implement cutting edge technologies and solutions that positively impact on the entire value chain.

Below are some of our services in the ICT industry;

  • ICT Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementaion
  • ICTs Audits & Forensics
  • ICT Security Systems Design and Implementation
  • Inter-Business Electronic Information Exchange
  • Development of ERP Systems (Enterprise, Resource Packages)
  • Online and Open Source Applications Development
  • Data Mining and Analysis for Executive Reporting
  • Infrastructure transformation projects ( RFP Packaging)

We also offer ICT training in a number of courses and subject including tailor-made courses in order for clients and users to effectively and optimally use the systems that we deploy (and other ICT products in general). Our course include bu not limited to;

  • Advanced Network  Systems Administration 
  • ICT Audit and Forensic  Analysis
  • Systems and Application Development
  • Computer Training (ICDL) 
  • Infrastructure (ICT) Security
  • Diaster Recovery and Prevention Planning (DRPP)