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Networthy Investments Expertise and Experience

NWI has expertise in various aspects of ICT advisory and consultancy across various industries which include but not limited to banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, insurance, stoke broking, microfinance, government and NGOs.  As NWI and as individuals, our directors, management and technical staff have been involved in various projects across Africa.
ICT Policy Formulation and Implementation
Our staff have been involved in the formulation and implementation of ICT policies for various institutions in Africa.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation
NWI designed and implemented projects at various levels in different institutions.

ICT Security (Physical and Logical)
Our ICT experience and expertise cuts across logical security and physical security, designing and impleneting security from accessibility of premises and rooms as well as firewall setups for the protection of data and collaboration servers.

Systems Development
With our experience and expertise in system development, we have been involved in a considerable number of systems development projects from inception to commissioning, working as project managers, developers and team members.

  • Online banking systems
  • Stock Broking Systems
  • Microfinance Systems
  • Online Cheque Book Ordering Systems
  • Online Music Video Award Systems
  • Banking Front-end systems (Deals Register System)

Systems Integration
NWI has experience and expertise in systems development and integration of various systems including core financial applications with other systems.

  • Chequebook Ordering Interface Systems
  • Credit Card Payment Interface Systems
  • Salaries Payment Interface Systems
  • Balance of Payments Reporting Systems

We the experience and expertise in planning and implementing disaster recovery solutions. We also help our clients in business continuity planning and management.