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Energy and the Environment - Networthy Investments

The usefullness of technologies (in ICT, telecoms, broadcasting) depends on energy, which can also be very costly. We therefore offer expertise to identify the most cost effective energy solutions in your business environment.

Climate change is changing our economies, health and communities in diverse ways.Solving global warming will improve our lives by cleaning up air pollution while investing in clean energy, green jobs and smart energy solutions.

Energy saving in any organization becomes critical and NWI will help organizations such as manufacturing, broadcasting and telecommunications companies to optimize on carbon emissions as well as to reduce on power consumption in order to protect the environment and improve on their efficiencies.

We develop and manage various programs to support the growth of private and public enterprises by providing business and technical advice and expertise, as well as helping in the implementation of green energy solutions.

NWI’s focus areas within the energy sector are:

  • Renewable Energies
  • Green technologies
  • Grid Power Stabilization solutions