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Broadcasting Consultancy Services

Networth Investments’ broad experience across the convergent areas of broadcasting, telecommunications, networking, systems integration and content delivery puts us in a unique position to help the broadcasting industry on value creation and maximization.

NWI brings on board industry expertise in the broadcasting industry on formulation of regulation frameworks, policies at broadcaster level, governance structure, processes and sustainability. We have been involved in execution, giving a direct impact analysis on the issues surrounding profitability by harnessing revenue opportunities that are media related across Africa. We help broadcasting companies create value through listenership and the social media coupled with achieving a cost effective broadcasting network infrastructure. We also help in providing outsourcing solutions in order to maximize more on the company’s core business.

From a technological perspective, NWI offers an array of consultancy services to the broadcasting industry on how to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, effective use of products and cost-effective content creation and management techniques.  We focus among others on the following:

  • Digital Convergence
  • Optimization of Audio & Video Compression
  • Management of Baseband and Broadband transmission interfaces
  • Over the Top TV Solutions
  • Teleport Solutions
  • New generation DSNG Solutions
  • Digital Asset Management
  • New Generation Content Delivery channels
  • Value Added Services
  • Data warehousing