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Economy Driving Solutions

NWI’s pan-African solutions and expertise for Governments, private enterprises and the public;

  • E-Government Solutions
  • E-Payment Solutions
  • Online Video Conferencing
  • Public Safety Solutions
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • E-Medicine Technologies

Information and Communication Technology

World over, ICT has revolutionized the way production, market access and distribution of goods and services are organized. This has led to new business models emerging on the horizon leading to fundamental changes in the way enterprises relate to consumers.

The Internet and the use of web-based technologies have led to new communication modalities that have forced traditional media – TV, radio and newspapers – to devise new strategies and alternative scenarios in the struggle to remain relevant ...


Networthy Investments’ broad experience across the convergent areas of broadcasting, telecommunications, networking, systems integration and content delivery puts us in a unique position to help the broadcasting industry on value creation and maximization.

We help you create value through your listenership and the social media coupled with achievinga cost effective broadcasting network infrastructure ...


Networthy Investments Offers a full range of telecommunication services using all types of Radio and Physical media ranging from Microwave, Satellite, Fiber, etc.

Networthy Investments provides design, planning, implementation and project management services for telecommunication networks, broadband wireless access networks and telecommunication networks management systems ...

Renewable Energy

The usefullness of technologies (in ICT, telecoms, broadcasting) depends on energy, which can also be very costly. We therefore offer expertise to identify the most cost effective energy solutions in your business environment.

Energy saving in any organization becomes critical and NWI will help organizations such as manufacturing, broadcasting and telecommunications companies to optimize on carbon emissions ...

Advisory Services

We listen to our clients, be it government, corporates, NGOs, SMEs, Investors, Start-ups or any business that is at any stage of its life cycle.

We understand their needs and work together to tailor suitable solutions to meet their expectations.

For governments, we focus on meeting international standards and best practices, ownership, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness in developing their nations. We also provide public security solutions ...

your world, our solutions

Advanced ICT Solutions

NWI provides you with advanced ICT solutions including ERP Systems, Online Solutions, Electronic Payment solutions.

Advanced Broadcasting

NWI has the expertise to design and implement advanced broadcasting solutions including Analog to Digital Migration.

Telecoms Consultancy

We offer telecommunications consultancy in the areas of infrustruture design and implementation and operational efficiency.

Renewable Energy

We understand that the usefullness of technologies depends on energy. We offer expertise to identify the most cost effective energy solutions.